LSU AgCenter to begin year with no budget cuts

LSU AgCenter officials playing catch-up after nearly a decade of reduced budgets.

For the first time in 10 years, the LSU AgCenter, the organization that oversees the LSU College of Agriculture and the state’s experiment stations and Extension offices, will begin a new year with no cuts to its budget.

Rogers Leonard, associate vice president, program leader for plants, soils and ag water resources for the LSU AgCenter, talked about that development and those responsible for it during a speech at the Northeast Research Station Field Day in St. Joseph, La., Tuesday (June 20.)

Dr. Leonard said the AgCenter units are having to “re-mission” some of its research stations and parish Extension agents because of the impact of nearly a decade of reduced budgets. “If you draw down your checking account, it takes some time to build it back up,” he told farmers attending the field day.

He said some research stations will become satellite operations in that they will continue to serve as research locations, but will not be home to as many scientists as they might have been in the past. Each parish may no longer have an Extension chairman, he noted, but Extension agents will become more commodity focused.

Despite the changes, he said, the LSU AgCenter will continue to try to provide the knowledge base farmers and other stakeholders need to continue to produce more food, fuel, feed and fiber for the U.S. and world markets.

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