Crop consultant covers a lot of ground

Crop consultant Trent LaMastus walks a lot of fields checking cotton, corn and soybeans in Bolivar, Leflore, Humphreys and Yazoo counties in Mississippi.

Trent LaMastus  decided he wanted to build a crop consultant business while he was in college. “I scouted for five years while I was in school,” he says. “I enjoyed it. I skipped my college graduation ceremony because I was in a cotton field scouting for thrips and cutworms. I grew up on a farm and have always enjoyed agriculture and helping things grow.”

He started his business in 1993, “right out of college.”

He got his degree in biology with emphasis in entomology, and minored in chemistry at Delta State University and continues to learn more about his trade through the Mississippi Agricultural Consultants Association. “MACA is an important source of information for me,” he says. “I have also gained lifelong friends, and over the years formed countless business relationships through our organization.”

“In 30-plus years, I’ve had ups and downs like everyone else. I take note of the ups and give thanks. I try to learn from the downs and move on,” he says.

And he continues to look for ways to provide better information and timely service to his clients.

He graciously allowed us to try to keep up with him and a hot, muggy day in late May.

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