Cotton. It’s Your Favorite for a Reason: New CI campaign

As cotton’s market share is threatened by man-made synthetic fabrics, Cotton Incorporated responds with “Cotton. It’s Your Favorite for a Reason.”

At a time when cotton’s market share is threatened by man-made synthetic fabrics, Cotton Incorporated responds with authenticity. A new tagline reminds consumers “Cotton. It’s Your Favorite for a Reason.” The first commercial launched on April 20 with 30- and 15-second spots. Additional commercials will be rolled out over the course of the year.

David Grant, Cotton Board chairman and North Carolina cotton producer, said, “I'm very proud of this new campaign, and it is just the beginning of a concentrated effort by the Cotton Research and Promotion Program to regain market share for cotton. The campaign does a nice job reminding consumers about the emotional connection that keeps them coming back to cotton.”

“Cotton apparel has always been popular with most everyone, but we may not be aware that the things we love are made with cotton,” said Ric Hendee, senior vice president, consumer marketing, Cotton Incorporated. “This new campaign will focus on many of our favorite clothing items and point out the reasons why we love them and keep on wearing them. The campaign uses real stories from real people.”

“We conducted extensive consumer research to inform this campaign, and we wanted it to reflect what consumers are saying they like and want,” said Kim Kitchings, vice president, corporate strategy and program metrics, Cotton Incorporated. “We learned that 69 percent of consumers say that their favorite piece of clothing is at least 60 percent cotton. This is particularly significant because it shows that even though cotton has experienced a contraction in market share, it is still something consumers want.”

Cotton Incorporated research also suggests that while the majority of consumers prefer cotton, they don’t always check garment labels for fiber content. “Some garments may look and feel like cotton, but may not perform like cotton, especially over time,” said Kitchings. This campaign includes a call-to-action message to “check the label” for fiber content.

Through the campaign, Cotton Incorporated aims to remind consumers of the versatility of cotton, and acknowledge the style, comfort, durability, and quality of cotton apparel. The commercials’ storytellers are diverse in interests, style, and background, but each is passionate about telling their stories through their favorite piece of clothing. The new commercials will tell those stories with accompanying digital extensions and promotions, including social media.

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