Cotton Incorporated reaching out to new celebrities

Cotton Incorporated reaching out to bloggers to get more traction for cotton promotion efforts.

The World Wide Web has created a whole new world of blogger celebrities, some good, some bad; who have never gone through the vetting process of traditional media.

Cotton Incorporated is tapping into the better ones, including Jacey Dupree, the daughter of a cotton farmer in Texas who refers to herself as “Damsel in Dior,” to help deliver its message about cotton to a new generation of consumers.

It’s also taking a much blunter approach to topics such as stinky polyester fabrics to combat the inroads cheaper polyester fabrics have been making into cotton’s market share. CI’s Kim Kitchings talked about those efforts during a presentation to cotton producers at the company’s headquarters in Cary, N.C.

To view one of Jacey Dupree's videos, click on


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