Cotton acreage up 19 percent

U.S. producers planted more cotton, according to USDA’s June 30 Acreage Report.

Cotton plantings for 2010 are estimated at 10.9 million acres, 19 percent above last year. Upland planted area is estimated at 10.7 million acres, also up 19 percent from 2009.

Increased planted acres are expected in all states except Louisiana, where acres are unchanged from last year’s record low.

In Alabama, California, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, planted acreage increased over 30 percent with California experiencing the largest percentage gain with a 76 percent increase.

American-Pima cotton growers planted 209,000 acres, up 48 percent from 2009.

The increase is 400,000 acres over USDA’s March report on intended plantings and is expected to be negative for the market.

See the full report at: USDA June 30, 2010, Acreage Report.

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