2014 High Cotton winners salute families, friends

The 2014 High Cotton Awards were truly a family affair. Each recipient of the annual award presented by Farm Press and The Cotton Foundation gave credit to family members, discussing the roles they play.

Delta States winner Kennth Hood introduced his wife, Betty, after he received his bronze Cotton Boll Award that has been presented to each of the 83 winners of the High Cotton awards.

Hood also acknowledged the role played by his brothers, Howard, Curtis and Cary, who he said make it possible for him to accomplish many of the things he has done as chairman of the National Cotton Council, chairman of the Delta Council and president of the Mississippi Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation.

Southeast winner Danny Darnell thanked his wife, Pat, and his sons, Jared and Heath, who farm with him in the operation near Hillsboro, Ala.

Southwest winner Steven Beakley thanked his family for "putting up with me in the summer" and credited his father, Bob, for "paving the road I travel. He did all the hard work."

Far West winner Clyde Sharpe noted the roles his wife, Vicky, and brother, David, his partner, play in his life. He also talked about farmers as environmentalists and said he was grateful the cotton industry was making people more aware of that relationship


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