Cotton Incorporated —$67 million budget

The Cotton Board approved Cotton Incorporated’s proposed 2010 plans and budget of $67 million during its recent annual meeting.

Those proposed plans and budget will now be forwarded to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for final approval.

The Cotton Board’s annual meeting was supported by John Deere, Monsanto and Syngenta.

During the Cotton Board’s business session, Arkansas cotton producer Robert “Bob” McGinnis, delivered his outgoing chairman’s address and reviewed Cotton Board milestones achieved during his tenure. He started by saying, “My remarks today come from my heart, because it is there my love for agriculture rests.”

McGinnis applauded the Cotton Board’s 99.65 percent collection rate, noting that it remains the highest of all of our nation’s commodity programs. He congratulated Cotton Board staff for meeting their organizational goals while reducing their 2009 operating costs by almost $400,000.

The Cotton Board annual meeting also marked the election of new Cotton Board officers. The new slate of officers include: Larkin Martin (Ala.), chair; Craig Shook (Texas), vice chair; John Clark (Calif.), secretary; and Kevin Rogers (Ariz.), treasurer.

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