Cotton Board: first female producer as chair

At the Cotton Board’s annual meeting in September, Alabama producer V. Larkin Martin was elected the new chair of the board. This marks the first time a female cotton producer has chaired the Cotton Board.

Martin will serve a one-year term.

When asked about serving as chair, she said, “Many females are involved in farming, but the historic norm has been for the husband, in a husband and wife team, to participate in industry organizations. On my farm, however, I am the principle, so I serve on the Cotton Board. I just happen to be a female — that is the way I look at it.”

Martin has been an active member of the Cotton Board for over 15 years.

In addition to serving on the Cotton Board, she works with other family members to manage the operations of two family owned businesses, Martin Farm and The Albermarle Corporation. These operations involve row crop farming and the management of other rural real estate.

Martin is also involved in several civic and business groups outside of farming.

She is a past president of The Cotton Foundation and also the former chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Martin has stated three goals she wants to achieve during her time as chair of the Cotton Board: (1) Continue building a culture that seeks continuous improvement at all levels at the Cotton Board while focusing on the Cotton Board’s three main functions of collecting the money, communicating with the payers into the program on how their money is being utilized and overall program oversight; (2) use the Cotton Board’s time efficiently and effectively; and (3) work to create an even more constructive and integrated relationship with Cotton Incorporated.

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