DeKalb: new brands of corn seed products

DeKalb has introduced its 2009 class of 30 new brands to expand its portfolio of top-performing corn seed products. These brands have been developed from a broad, industry-leading germplasm pool and tested under local growing conditions to provide farmers with superior performance for a proven yield advantage, the company says.

For Delta farmers, five of the new 2009 DeKalb brands are DKC63-97, DKC65-63, DKC67-22, DKC68-06 and DKC69-40.

Here is a brief description of these products:

  • DKC63-97 — 113 RM YieldGard VT Triple, Roundup Ready 2 technology: Delta farmers can be confident this brand will provide very good root and stalk strength, as well as excellent yield performance across a wide range of environments. The product moves south very well for the maturity and also offers a good plant disease package, which includes gray leaf spot tolerance.

  • DKC65-63 — 115 RM YieldGard VT Triple, Roundup Ready 2 technology: This brand provides excellent stalk strength and strong roots, as well as superior staygreen and harvest appearance. It delivers consistent performance across soil types and tillage practices.

  • DKC67-22 — 117 RM Roundup Ready 2 technology: The very good root strength and drought tolerance of this brand makes it a good choice for Delta growers, in addition to its very good harvest appearance and test weight. It also shows very good emergence, root strength and drydown.

  • DKC68-06 — 118 RM Roundup Ready 2 technology, YieldGard corn borer: Farmers can count on this brand to provide consistently high yield performance across a wide geography. It also offers excellent emergence and seedling vigor for reduced-tillage systems, as well as good staygreen and overall plant health paired with tremendous root and stalk strength.

  • DKC69-40 — 119 RM YieldGard VT Triple, Roundup Ready 2 technology: Adaptable to all crop rotations, including corn on corn, DKC69-40 provides excellent yield potential across a wide range of environments. It also offers farmers excellent roots and stalks and a very good overall disease package.

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