Tillage is one of the ‘most destructive’ things in agriculture: Part II

Tillage operations can have negative impact by destroying integrity of the soil structure, USDA-NRCS agronomist says.

Ray Archuleta says when he ran his farm in Idaho “I would disk all the time. I did not know I was destroying my soil; that I was rapidly going broke by disking my operation.”

Archuleta, a conservation agronomist with USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service, told farmers attending the inaugural field day of the Arkansas Soil Health Alliance in Cotton Plant, Ark., that tillage is the most destructive thing they can do on their farm.

He demonstrated the impact tillage can have with soils that had been planted no-till, with cover crops and with conventional tillage with a soil aggregates test during his presentation. But about 80 percent of the soils in the United States are still being tilled he told growers, researchers, Extension specialists and industry representatives attending the field day.

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