Computer selects wheat varieties

WHEAT GROWERS don't have to guess which varieties are best for their fields. They can use WheatSel, the variety selection computer program available from the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas.

"WheatSel chooses from 33 varieties that have been in the University's Wheat Performance Tests for two years or longer," says Richard Klerk, Extension wheat agronomist.

"The computer program selects the best varieties for a particular field based on the field's location in the state, planting date and soil type, and the farmer's weed control strategy - whether he's going to use Sencor. The program also weighs factors such as a variety's lodging score, Hessian fly resistance and disease resistance rating."

The WheatSel program ranks varieties as either preferred, acceptable or non-recommended. Varieties are further classified by their two-year average yield in the Wheat Performance Tests, says Klerk.

Arkansas growers can have the WheatSel program run at their county extension offices or log onto the Cooperative Extension Service website at on Agriculture and Natural Resources, then Agronomy.Under Agronomy Programs, click on Wheat and follow the directions for downloading WheatSel.

WheatSel is a free service of the Cooperative Extension Service.

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