Clearfield rice growers must attend 2003 certification meeting

U.S. RICE FARMERS who intend to plant Clearfield varieties in 2003 must attend a Clearfield rice certification meeting before they can do so, BASF representatives announced.

“Even if you have attended a Clearfield rice certification meeting in the past, it is very important that you attend a 2003 meeting,” says Matt Plitt, BASF market manager. “Certification meetings are the way that farmers can learn about the changes to the Newpath herbicide label, the new CL 161 variety and the first Clearfield hybrid, Clearfield XL8.”

Plitt said some certification meetings have already been held. Growers should check with local farm supply dealers for information on upcoming meetings in their areas, he noted.

The Clearfield Production System for rice is a unique cropping system comprised of herbicide-tolerant rice varieties, Newpath herbicide to manage red rice and other difficult-to-control weeds in rice and a stewardship agreement with growers to insure system sustainability.

For more information about Newpath herbicide or the Clearfield system, Plitt says growers should contact their local BASF retailers, seed retailers or visit

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