Clean Water Act brochure available on NCGA Web site

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) has released a brochure to better assist growers in meeting the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

The brochure includes a summary of the Clean Water Act, a list of key elements of the law, and examples of how growers can adapt.

CWA requires producers to monitor nutrient application, erosion and chemical usage, while improving the environment. NCGA members have a commitment to the community to ensure that there is clean water and viable soil to ensure the land is productive for many years to come.

The law has aided growers in helping make remarkable progress in restoring the chemical, physical and biological integrity of our nation’s waters, and corn farmers continue to be good stewards of the environment. Examples include:

• Reversing the historic trend of wetlands losses and restoring streams and rivers degraded by pollution;

• Involvement in numerous state, local and national programs that complement the goals of the CWA by protecting environmentally sensitive land from crop production and encouraging other on-farm conservation measures; and

• Making important environmental gains using voluntary, locally led incentive-based programs to reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and increase wildlife habitat.

Go to to download the brochure.

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