Claas adds mid-sized Quadrant 2100 square baler

CLAAS OF AMERICA has added a new mid-sized square baler, the Quadrant 2100, to its line of square balers. Designed to help increase productivity, the Quadrant 2100 delivers a dense, neat bale size that keeps its shape during transport.

The Quadrant 2100 features a power feed system (PFS) that smoothes out the windrow before it enters the baler chamber and evens out the crop flow.

The PFS system is standard on all Quadrant Roto Cut models and is optional on standard Quadrant 2100 models. Pickup on the new square baler is 83 inches wide. It handles wide windrows or combine swaths.

Also standard on the Quadrant 2100 baler is the new Claas Communicator control system. The Communicator allows the operator to monitor the baler performance during field operation and adjust bale size and bale density from the tractor. Pickup lift on the baler is controlled from the Claas Communicator.

Equipped with a three-phase packer system and a ram operating at 52 strokes per minute, the Quadrant 2100 produces excellent bale density. All of the packing elements on the 2100 are shaft-driven, featuring a straight line drive to reduce wear and insure maximum efficiency. Turbo fans and 4 Claas knotters keep the area clean. The mid-sized square baler has a 24-ball twine storage capacity.

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