CI survey deadline Oct. 31

Cotton producers have only until Oct. 31 to provide input through Cotton Incorporated’s Natural Resource Survey regarding on-farm stewardship of natural resources and how Cotton Incorporated research dollars should be spent to advance global respect for U.S. cotton as the premier natural fiber.

“We thank all producers who have taken the survey and encourage others to find the 20 minutes over the next few weeks to provide input to this effort,” said Kater Hake, Cotton Incorporated’s vice president for agricultural research.

According to Hake, there has been an increase in requests by the textile industry for science-based information about U.S. cotton production. There has also been a reduction in the attacks on cotton by its competitors.

One reason, Hake says, is that “respect for U.S. cotton producers is taking a turn for the positive; respect for their stewardship of the land, water resources and other components of the natural resource base we share. Consumers and retailers are beginning to get the message that today’s cotton is not the same as yesterday’s cotton with regards to stewardship of natural resources.”

By early September, over 800 cotton farmers had taken the survey. Plans are to report the results to cotton growers at the 2009 Beltwide Cotton Conferences in San Antonio and utilize the results in planning future research and textile industry outreach/promotion on behalf of U.S. cotton producers.

To participate in the anonymous survey, go to At the end, you will be redirected to a Web link that allows you to request a cotton-logo t-shirt as thanks for your time and input.

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