Choice 100 NK Brand soybean offer available

NK Brand announces the Choice 100 NK Brand Soybean Offer to growers with two reward levels for the 2006 planting season. The Choice 100 Offer is available on the entire portfolio of NK Brand Roundup Ready soybeans.

The Level 1 reward option offers growers who purchase at least 100 units of NK Brand soybeans either a $150 bonus at the time of purchase or 100 units of 100 percent Replant Assurance. The Level 2 reward option offers growers both of these incentives if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Purchase 100 more units of NK Brand soybeans for the 2006 planting season than their 2005 planting season (with a minimum purchase requirement of 200 units from the same NK Brand dealer).
  2. A new customer who purchases a minimum of 200 units of NK Brand soybeans.
  3. A 100 percent NK Brand soybean customer who purchases at least 200 units of NK Brand soybeans.

Growers who make a qualifying NK Brand soybean purchase are eligible for one $150 bonus and a limit of 100 units of 100 percent Replant Assurance qualify for the Level 2 offer. Additionally, a grower's qualifying Choice 100 purchase must be made from their NK Brand dealer of 2005 record. Early pay and financing options also are available.

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