Chemtura's Firestorm registered as herbicide and harvest aid

Firestorm herbicide, a 3-pound-per-gallon formulation of paraquat dichloride from Chemtura Corporation has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency as a defoliant and desiccant herbicide for control of weeds and grasses, and as a harvest aid.

Firestorm delivers contact control of broadleaf weeds, sedges and grasses. It is approved for use in more than 100 different crops, including alfalfa, almonds, berries, dry beans, corn, cotton, potatoes, rice, soybeans, fruit and nut trees, vines and vegetables.

Firestorm is currently available in 2.5-gallon containers and will be available in 250-gallon containers. The formulation contains 3 pounds of the active ingredient paraquat dichloride per gallon.

“The Firestorm formulation offers growers the convenience of treating more acres per container,” says Anthony Duttle, marketing manager row crops, Chemtura Corporation.

Firestorm is effective for managing glyphosate weed resistance because it offers a completely different mode of action, according to Chemtura, which says Firestorm allows growers to hold back their glyphosate applications for the in-crop uses where glyphosate has the better fit.

Firestorm is rainfast within 30 minutes of application because it is rapidly absorbed by weed foliage. For all application instructions, spray volumes, application timing, surfactants, tankmixing with PSI herbicides, etc., refer to the Firestorm label.

Additional information concerning Chemtura is available at

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