Chemtura’s Enhance AW seed treatment approved by EPA

Chemtura has received registration from EPA for Enhance AW, a new seed treatment for soybeans, cereals and other crops.

The dry seed amendment offers broad-spectrum, preventive seed and seedling disease protection against seedborne fungi and seedling damping off, as well as early season protection against insects, including aphid and wireworm, Chemtura said.

“By combining the proven protection of Vitavax with imidacloprid, Enhance AW broadens its performance beyond common seed/seedling diseases of wheat, like Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, common bunt and loose smut, to include several troublesome wheat insects like wireworm and several kinds of aphids,” said Mike McFatrich, North American business lead for seed enhancements.

“This is the only dry wheat seed treatment product that combines early season disease protection with insect protection, giving growers the flexibility of matching their pest protection to their planting intentions.

“Enhance AW utilizes an innovative formulation that optimizes seed adhesion to complement the inherent product performance. And by linking disease and insect protection in a simple easy-to-use product, the grower can maximize the yield potential of the wheat variety selected for planting.

“In greenhouse studies designed to measure the impact of wireworm on plant emergence, Enhance AW had improved, higher-emerged plant counts when compared to current traditional insect/fungicide seed treatment standards.

“Enhance AW is a convenient-to-use seed amendment that allows the grower to match early season plant protection to planting intentions. With Enhance AW growers can now obtain the disease protection they want with the addition of the aphid and wireworm protection they need to capture better yields.”

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