Charter PB battles Fusarium in wheat

Charter PB fungicide seed treatment, a new tool for wheat growers to fight Fusarium and other costly fungi, has been introduced by BASF for on-farm seed treatment.

Charter PB is a liquid seed treatment used for the control of true loose and covered smut of barley and loose smut and common bunt in wheat.

Charter PB will increase emergence and plant stands by reducing seed and soilborne seed rots (Cochliobolus spp.), seedling blights (Fusarium spp.), and damping off (Pythium spp.).

An innovative, ready-to-apply formulation that requires no dilution or additional dye, Charter PB has been proven to net higher yields by promoting faster emergence and more vigorous growth, according to BASF.

“Charter PB is an extremely effective fungicide that solves a wide range of seed fungus problems that have plagued wheat growers in the past,” said Craig Lindholm, BASF marketing manager for seed treatments. “BASF is committed to the development of seed treatment products both for today, and for the future. Charter PB is another great addition to our seed treatment portfolio.”

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