Caterpillar engines find compact diesel homes

Caterpillar's recent thrust into the compact diesel engine market has resulted in Cat engines finding their way into Miller welders and Cub Cadet tractors, according to announcements made at the National Farm Machinery Show.

Cub Cadet is powering both its new 728D and 7284T hydrostratic compact tractors with a Caterpillar 28-horsepower, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled 3011C.

“We chose the Caterpillar 3011C engine for a number of technical reasons, including meeting Tier 2 emissions standards that took effect Jan. 1 of this year,” says Nathan Walker, Cub Cadet's vice president of sales.

There were also non-technical aspects that convinced Cub Cadet to use Caterpillar engines. Caterpillar manufactures an engine that offers class-leading performance in a quiet, efficient, and durable package, the company's name is synonymous with quality, and the engine has good service and parts availability, he says.

As part of Miller Electric's welder lineup for more than 35 years, the Big 40 welder owes its longevity to its flexibility. Now powered by a Caterpillar 3024C engine, the Big 40 retains its flexibility while offering improved reliability and serviceability.

The Big 40 provides 400 amps of continuous duty for heavy welding and carbon arc gouging. It can also be dialed back to weld lighter materials, even pieces as thin as automotive body panels. The Miller Big 40 is available in three model configurations, including a basic model, a combination model, and a deluxe model.

“It's the one machine that does everything,” says Miller product manager John Luck. The 5,500-watt peak generator operates independently of the welder, so there's no interaction between the welder and the loads imposed by tools.

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