Case IH expands, upgrades windrower, header lines

The new Case IH WDX “2” Series windrowers offer hay and forage producers improved comfort, productivity, styling and industry-leading cab and rear axle suspension systems on select models. To complement the new windrowers, Case IH is also introducing a new line of draper headers and an expanded disc header offering.

Five Case IH WDX “2” Series models, ranging from 98 to an industry-leading 225 horsepower, and two cab styles, offer a choice for every type of operation, ranging from value-driven diversified farmers to large, commercial hay and forage producers.

“With our new WDX ‘2’ Series windrowers combined with new DHX ‘2’ Series draper headers, HDX ‘2’ Series sicklebar headers, and the industry's largest rotary disc header with an 18-foot cutting width, Case IH offers producers the most complete and most productive hay and forage line in the industry,” says Patrick Carter, marketing manager for Case IH hay and forage equipment. “Your local Case IH dealer can help you select the best models to fit your operation and budget.”

Case IH pioneers the windrower industry's first spring-mounted cab suspension system, as well as an independent rear axle suspension system, on the WDX “2” Series to improve ride and reduce operator fatigue at faster cutting speeds.

“Long harvest days traveling through rough fields can sap anyone's energy and interfere with your productivity,” Carter explains. “To answer this issue, Case IH offers a cab suspension system and an independent rear axle suspension system for its three deluxe cab models — the WDX1202, WDX1902 and WDX2302.”

One look at the redesigned deluxe cab makes it apparent that a better ride is not the only WDX “2” Series improvement. The new Case IH deluxe cab models feature an updated look with curved, tinted glass panels for unobstructed visibility, especially on sunny days. Operators will also enjoy a deluxe air suspension seat with a special ride dampening feature; a floating, right-hand control console that moves with the seat; a tilt and telescoping steering wheel; and a standard instructor seat.

The deluxe cab models use a dual speed hydrostatic transmission. A Case IH six-cylinder, air-to-air intercooled, wastegate turbocharged engine with electronic fuel injection for improved engine efficiency and fuel economy powers the WDX1902 and WDX2302, rated at 186 and 225 horsepower respectively. The engines offer the power needed to handle heavy loads, wet conditions and hillsides without slowing down.

The two standard cab models — the WDX1002S and WDX1202S — offer a traditional, iso-mounted cab with tinted glass panels; a standard, adjustable air suspension seat; tilt steering and optional instructor seat.

The standard cab models use a single speed hydrostatic transmission and a new Case IH four-cylinder, wastegate turbocharged engine with mechanical fuel injection. The engine is rated at 98 horsepower for the WDX1002S and 120 horsepower for the WDX1202S. The WDX1202 with deluxe cab shares the same engine as the WDX1202S.

In the field, operators will enjoy the convenience and improved control that comes with standard hydraulic header flotation, including the ability to adjust the header from the seat of the tractor cab. In addition, hydraulic header tilt is optional on WDX1002S and WDX1202S and standard on the WDX1202, WDX1902 and WDX2302.

To complement the new windrower offering, Case IH is also launching a new disc header model and a whole new line of draper headers. That is in addition to the complete “2” Series line of sicklebar, grass seed and disc headers available today.

All Case IH headers feature a roll pressure system that uses a torsion bar to apply consistent force to the upper conditioning roll arms, regardless of crop thickness for uniform conditioning. It also allows the machine to easily clear slugs. In addition, the floor of all headers has been redesigned to deliver consistent crop feed and flow to the auger.

For customers searching for high-speed performance in tough crop conditions RDX rotary disc headers can deliver. The modular design of the rotary disc cutterbed provides superior reliability and easy serviceability, and at 3,000-rpm disc speed, it easily slices through heavy and tangled crops. The new RDX181 header is the industry's largest rotary disc header with an 18-foot cutting width, complementing the current 15-foot-5-inch Case IH RDX161.

With header choices for every application and five new windrower models, Case IH offers the performance and features needed to improve the bottom line of any hay and forage operation.

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