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Land O'Lakes reports results for second quarter 2017

Net sales up, net earnings down from prior year quarter.

Land O’Lakes, Inc. reported an increase in quarterly net sales for the second quarter ended June 30, 2017.

Net sales were $3.7 billion and net earnings $113 million, compared to quarterly net sales of $3.5 billion and net earnings of $134 million for same period in the prior year. Year-to-date net sales totaled $7.3 billion with net earnings of $223 million compared to net sales of $7.1 billion and net earnings of $238 million for same period in the prior year.

Year-to-date results include an unrealized hedging loss of $4 million as compared to an unrealized hedging gain of $26 million for the same period in 2016.

“As a company focused on growth, I am pleased with the first half of the year. We are up in volume in most of our key categories,” stated Chris Policinski, Land O’Lakes Inc. president and CEO. “We continue to be in a position to deliver strong full-year performance.”

Earnings from Operations, excluding the impact of unrealized hedging gains and losses, were $262 million for the six months ended June 30, 2017, up 8% from 2016 levels. Results were driven by strong performance in the Crop Inputs and Animal Nutrition segments, partly offset by lower performance in Dairy Foods and investments in Land O’Lakes Sustain. Earnings in Crop Inputs were driven by higher volumes in both seed and crop protection products. The Animal Nutrition segment delivered higher margins and improved product mix, which more than offset a decline in livestock volumes. Dairy Foods benefited from higher margins on retail branded products, but overall margins were lower due to declines in global milk powder markets that impacted pricing.

The company continued its investment in facilities and growth in strategic markets. Purina Animal Nutrition opened a new facility in Caledonia, New York, to replace the plant destroyed by fire in November 2014. During the first quarter, Land O’Lakes announced the acquisition of Vermont Creamery to accelerate growth in its Dairy Foods business.

Source: Land O'Lakes

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