Bumper fungicide granted label for Asian rust in soybeans

MANA (Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc.) announced an EPA Section 18 label for Bumper 41.8EC propiconazole to control Asian rust in soybeans.

Currently 25 states have been approved, including Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. Approval is pending in Louisiana.

According to James Whitehead, development manager for MANA, Bumper carries the curative powers of triazole fungicides, but also has preventive powers. “Bumper is a systemic fungicide that can be used preventively, prior to disease infection, and curatively if applied shortly after infection occurs.”

Applications with Bumper should be used according to local Extension guidelines.

Whitehead encouraged field scouting and appropriate resistance management practices, including rotating chemistries, as both steps are critical to the long-term management of Asian rust.

MANA reported that production of Bumper has been increased this year and will be reviewed on a regular basis in an effort to meet the market demand.

Makhteshim Agan is studying the efficacy of chlorothalonil and other actives on Asian rust in extensive trials at critical locations in South America. Additional trial work is planned in the United States if the disease appears during the 2005 growing season.

MANA is currently working with Extension personnel, consultants, university specialists, and resellers to formulate precise recommendations for its fungicide actives, and expects to have a complement of products to handle the demands of Asian rust in a variety of crops across the United States.

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