Blizzard harvest aid registered for defoliation

Cotton producers have a new cost-effective defoliation option for use on their 2007 crop. Blizzard, a new harvest aid marketed by Chemtura Corporation, has received a Section 3 registration from EPA for cotton defoliation.

Arturo Redes, director of marketing, North America at Chemtura Corporation, says, “We are pleased to provide cotton producers with a new, highly effective defoliant. The active ingredient in Blizzard, fluthiacet-methyl, is a PPO inhibitor with activity similar to Aim and ET. However, Blizzard can be used at a much lower rate. Applied at just 0.5 ounce per acre it delivers consistent, reliable performance with cost efficiency.”

Blizzard offers a mode of action that not only facilitates cotton defoliation, it suppresses juvenile foliage growth post-treatment to ensure efficient crop harvest and improved lint quality.

The 0.5-ounce per acre rate is the lowest labeled use rate of any of the currently labeled defoliants, according to Redes. Blizzard activity is rapid on cotton foliage with symptoms typically visible within 24 hours following application.

Blizzard defoliant will be formulated as a 0.91 pound per gallon emulsifiable concentrate (EC) in 20-ounce Tip & Pour jugs for convenient measuring. The 20-ounce jug of Blizzard will defoliate 40 acres of cotton.

With the 0.5-ounce per acre rate, only 3.9 gallons of Blizzard is needed to treat 1,000 acres of cotton.

Blizzard has also received a FIFRA Section 2(ee) label in 14 cotton producing states to use the 0.5-ounce per acre rate. Blizzard approval is pending in Arizona, California and Florida.

Additional information concerning Chemtura is available at

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