Blast found in Arkansas rice

“It’s nothing to be up in arms about, but we’ve found some blast in Arkansas County on some Wells,” said Cliff Coker, Arkansas Extension plant pathologist. “It was on the field’s edges, alongside a tree line. So it’s time to start scouting for blast in your rice.

“If you keep a deep flood on Wells, you can usually get away with one shot of fungicide to control. But that’s only if you keep a deep flood on it.”

Rice maturity in the state is inconsistent this year — planting times varied widely. Canopies should soon close on early rice that’s been fertilized.

“It’s time to begin sheath blight scouting. Where there’s been sheath blight in the past it’ll show up again. It hasn’t gone anywhere.

“Be especially careful checking Clearfield 161. You’ll see sheath blight at the waterline on a Friday and it’ll be at the tops on Monday. That variety is very susceptible, especially after the canopy closes and a full load of fertilizer is on.”

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