Bestway: 3-Point Sprayer

UTILIZING YOUR existing tractor investment, the Three-Point Sprayer from Bestway provides convenient, accurate application at up to 60 acres per hour.

The unit features rugged construction engineered to handle challenging conditions found in minimum-tillage and high-residue field conditions. The sprayer mounts directly to a tractor's three-point, converting it into an economical self-propelled sprayer.

Features include:

  • Crop clearance for late-season postemergence and high-residue spraying capabilities.
  • 300-gallon and 500-gallon liquid tanks are designed with a shorter tank height for high crop clearance underneath and superior visibility over-the-top. The front-to-back measurement is less than an elliptical tank, placing the center of gravity closer to the tractor.
  • Sparge system provides adequate agitation even with suspensions or wettable powders.
  • Boom widths up to 60 feet.
  • All-steel frame components feature a powder coat finish. Every part of the frame is shot-peened to bright steel, and then undergoes a five-stage wash-and-treatment process, followed by application of the powder to pre-heated metal. The metal is baked at 410 degrees. The finish resists and minimizes the effect of corrosion and humidity.

For more information on the Bestway Three-Point Sprayer lineup, call RHS at 800-247-3808. The company's Website is

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