Beef forage short course, June 6-7

Topics and presenters will include: Clover Management - Gerald Evers, Texas A&M University; Internal and External Parasite Control - Alvin Loyacano and Dr. Lane Foil, LSU AgCenter; Synchronization of Estrus and Artificial Insemination of Beef Cattle - Dr. Ron Del Vecchio, LSU AgCenter and Darrin Goodwin, McNeese State University; Bahia Grass Management - Buddy Pitman, LSU AgCenter;

Pasture Weed Control Demonstration - Dearl Sanders, LSU AgCenter; Defining a Stocker Program and Selection of Stocker Cattle - Russ Gould, Mississippi cattle producer; Sprayer Calibration and Application Technologies - Allen Hogan and Darryl Rester, LSU AgCenter; Understanding and Use of EPD’s - Casey Worrell, American Angus Association; Value-Based Marketing-Understanding the Grid System - Rod Schemm, Hitch Enterprises; Ryegrass Management - Wink Alison, LSU AgCenter; and The Beef Industry-Where We Are and Where Are We Going? - Bill Mies, Emerge Interactive.

Speaking Friday night will be Paul Coreil, director of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service and vice chancellor of the LSU AgCenter, who will discuss current environmental policies and future presentation.

There will also be a trade show during the Short Course. Specific times have been designated on Friday and Saturday for visiting the trade show booths. Potential exhibitors are being contacted to reserve a booth for this two-day event. Anyone interested in participating as a trade show exhibitor can contact Paul Morris at 318-256-3406.

The Louisiana Beef-Forage Short Course is a collaborative effort among the LSU AgCenter, McNeese State University and the Louisiana Cattlemen’s Association. A copy of the complete agenda and the registration form can be obtained from your local county agent’s office or from the AgCenter’s livestock web site at:

e-mail: [email protected]

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