Bee experts on Internet

GOT A QUESTION about honey bees? Now you can send your questions by computer to honey bee experts at the Agricultural Research Service's Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson, Ariz. The center's researchers, who are international authorities on honey bees, will reply via Internet in about 24 hours, according to entomologist Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman.

This new free Internet service is called, “Expert Forum on Honey Bees.” It lists a wide range of frequently asked questions, along with answers from scientists.

In addition, the forum also has answers to questions about beekeeping as a hobby or profession, crop pollination, honey bee biology and research conducted at the center.

A special category called “Student Forum on Honey Bees” helps students use pre-existing questions as a template to help develop new questions on their own.

“Expert Forum on Honey Bees” can be found at:

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