Becker Underwood: will expand inoculant production capacity

Becker Underwood will significantly expand the production capacity of its St. Joseph, Mo., facility to meet increasing demand for inoculants for soybeans, peanuts, peas and lentils grown in North America.

According to Chris Feiden, manager of the St. Joseph, Mo., plant, Becker Underwood is currently installing new state-of-the-art fermentation units. “This is a very aggressive project that will nearly triple our production capacity for the 2009 growing season compared to 2008.

“The expansion is taking place now. We’re targeting Jan. 1, 2009, as our completion date, which will ensure that we’re up and running to produce inoculants for the 2009 growing season.”

Paul Holliday, business unit head/inoculants, says Becker Underwood anticipates a continued increase in demand for the company’s biological products.

“While many input costs in agriculture are going through the roof, more growers across the United States and Canada have found inoculants to be low-cost inputs that offer an outstanding return on investment,” he said.

“This strong ROI, combined with the freshness guarantee of our Vault brand soybean inoculants, helped us to a record year in 2008. We’re projecting even greater demand for 2009. The expansion that we’re undertaking will help make sure that we’re in position to meet the needs of the marketplace.”

For more information on inoculants, seed enhancements and the many other products offered by Becker Underwood, go to the company’s recently redesigned web site:

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