Bayer: Finish 6 harvest aid

Bayer CropScience recently announced that Finish 6 Pro harvest aid has been reformulated to provide improved defoliation and compatibility this season.

Newly reformulated Finish 6 Pro is the only natural defoliant and boll opener formulated with Cotton Sense, a unique hormonal synergy that naturally accelerates leaf drop and boll opening. Finish 6 Pro with Cotton Sense contains two hormones, ethephon and cyclanilide, that interact with a cotton plant's hormones to speed up the senescence and boll opening process. Bolls open as much as three to five days sooner than with other boll openers.

Don Oleniczak, Bayer CropScience harvest aid product manger, explains that unlike the chemicals found in herbicidal defoliants, the hormonal action in Finish 6 Pro inhibits regrowth and allows the plant to defoliate without leaf stick. “The result is a cleaner, higher-quality harvest.”

With its improved compatibility, Finish 6 Pro provides a foundation to any harvest aid program and can be used with Ginstar cotton defoliant for added flexibility.

“Tank-mixing Ginstar with Finish 6 Pro has been recognized as one of the most complementary combinations available,” says Oleniczak.

Like cyclanilide in Finish 6 Pro, the thidiazuron chemistry of Ginstar helps to increase the ethylene level and inhibit the transport of auxin in the plant.

“Because the chemistries of Finish 6 Pro and Ginstar are so synergistic when used together, it's effective, easier and more convenient for growers to use,” says Oleniczak.

This season, Bayer CropScience is providing an additional resource for cotton growers who need help selecting the right harvest aid program for their farm. Harvest Aid Guys — Bayer CropScience reps — are trusted resources to help growers make the tough calls. Growers can contact their Bayer CropScience rep directly or visit to ask their Harvest Aid Guy their toughest questions. Growers also may view harvest updates and recommendations from cotton specialists on Harvest Watch, another resource found at

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