BASF insecticide portfolio grows with Respect

The BASF insecticide portfolio is expanding with the addition of new Respect insecticide, a formulation of zeta-cypermethrin.

The addition of Respect, licensed as part of an agreement with FMC Corporation, strengthens the BASF insecticide offering in a host of crops from vegetables to corn and soybeans.

Respect is fast-acting and provides quick knockdown on a wide variety of cutworms, aphids, armyworms, beetles, leafhoppers, and other chewing and piercing-sucking pests in fruiting, leafy and bulb vegetable crops, corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat, alfalfa, sorghum, legumes and sugarcane.

Respect is expected to be available this spring.

“The addition of Respect gives us our first insecticide offering in many key crops, continuing to strengthen our crop protection portfolio,” said Andy Lee, director of U.S. Crop Operations with BASF. Lee noted that enhancing the portfolio of innovative insecticides is part of the BASF growth strategy.

“Respect gives growers another BASF tool to help boost yields and quality. It's a great fit with our portfolio, particularly because Respect tank-mixes well with our new insecticide, Alverde — which we also expect to launch in 2007.”

Alverde insecticide is not currently registered for use in the United States, but registration for use on potatoes and fruiting, brassica or leafy vegetables is expected during the first quarter of 2007.

Further registrations of Respect for root/tuber vegetables, peanuts and tree nuts are also expected during 2007.

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