BASF Extreme herbicide scores high marks

The results are in and a BASF satisfaction study shows that users of the company's Extreme herbicide are very pleased. In its first year on the market, growers applied Extreme to over 1 million acres of Roundup Ready soybeans and plan to increase acreage treated with Extreme this year, BASF said. Three-fourths of all soybean acreage in 2000 was planted to Roundup Ready soybeans.

Extreme combines glyphosate with the residual herbicide Pursuit in one jug. The two products have been used by growers for years.

Of the 400 farmers who were interviewed, approximately 85 percent were satisfied with Extreme last year and plan to use it this season, BASF said. Extreme was developed after a research tour of corn and soybean country. Over 85 percent of the surveyed growers were interested in a product combining glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, with a residual.

“Growers wanted the residual control of Pursuit herbicide for their Roundup Ready soybeans. We are very happy to see they found Extreme herbicide to be a beneficial product,” said Scott Kay, market manager for Extreme.

The residual power of Pursuit provides season-long control of grasses and broadleaf weeds such as nightshade, foxtail, velvetleaf and ragweed.

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