BASF completes fipronil acquisition

Late in 2002, BASF announced its intent to purchase a package of products, including fipronil, from Bayer. The sale totaled 1.330 million euros. With the sale closed, Regent now will be marketed by BASF in a corn product portfolio that includes Distinct, Guardsman Max, Lightning and Outlook herbicides; Counter systemic insecticide-nematicide; and many other crop-protection products.

“The addition of fipronil, and Regent specifically, allows us to offer our customers a liquid corn insecticide option for the first time,” said Andy Lee, director of U.S. business operations for BASF. “We believe Regent will be a significant complement to our overall corn portfolio.”

Regent is a soil insecticide that offers complete corn protection, controlling pests such as rootworm, wireworm and early-season European corn borer, Lee noted. In addition, Regent controls a number of secondary corn pests, including common stalk borer, seed corn maggot, seed corn beetle, chinch bug grubs and thrips.

“Regent not only represents the newest generation of corn insecticides, but also nicely complements our strong Counter® granular business,” Lee said. “With this purchase, we will offer our channel partners and growers an even stronger corn insecticide portfolio.”

The acquisition of the package from Bayer, including fipronil, also will allow BASF in the mid-term to enter the seed treatment business, Lee noted.

“We want to assure corn growers and retailers that supplies of Regent will continue to meet the needs of the market,” Lee said.

Fipronil, the active ingredient in Regent®, is a broad-spectrum insecticide from the new chemistry class of phenyl pyrazoles. Fipronil is currently registered and sold in more than 70 countries.

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