AutoFarm introduces new Curved Path GPS steering

Instead of “making the field fit the technology, we've made the technology fit the field,” says John Boughton, AutoFarm regional sales manager, about the release by his company of a new Curved Path GPS Steering option.

With new Curves, the AutoFarm AutoSteer RTK GPS steering system will be capable of delivering sub-inch accurate, repeatable curved-path steering on irregularly shaped fields. “In a nutshell,” Boughton adds, “Curved Path provides customers with the means to use GPS precision steering on all of their land, whether flat, square, contoured or terraced.”

The AutoSteer Curves Record and Repeat feature allows the user to design paths in curved or straight rows, or a combination of both, then repeat the paths with hands-free automatic steering and sub-inch accuracy that will optimize efficiency and yield, and reduce operator fatigue.

Curves also features unique Real Time Mapping that will provide the tractor operator with a bird's eye view of the curved path being followed, all on a moving display on the AutoFarm in-cab touchscreen.

Lars Leckie, director of product marketing at AutoFarm, adds, “There is a significant difference in the current curve or contour steering and new Curved Path from AutoFarm. The AutoSteer Curved Path feature takes into account the constantly changing radius of concave and convex curves. It matches the implement to previous passes to eliminate the overlaps and gaps typical with the contour steering systems currently in use.”

AutoSteer Curves is an optional software feature for the AutoFarm AutoSteer system. AutoSteer is well-known for its ability to eliminate skip rows and overlaps, make perfect guess rows, and operate 24/7 even in dust, fog, heat or windy conditions. Previous automated steering applications have been concentrating on straight lines only.

According to Leckie, “Curves continues the AutoFarm goal of offering easy-to-use, technologically advanced GPS steering applications for agricultural equipment. This new feature can be easily uploaded to existing AutoSteer units already in use with a nominal fee.”

AutoFarm can be found on the Web at or reached by phone at 866-428-8632).

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