ASA board elects two Mid-Southerners

The American Soybean Association board of directors has elected two Mid-Southerners to serve as vice presidents for 2006-07. The board also confirmed Richard Ostlie from Northwood, N.D., as president, and Bob Metz from West Browns Valley, S.D., as chairman.

Johnny Dodson, a soybean farmer from Ripley, Tenn., who is currently serving a term as vice president, and Ted Glaub, a farmer and farm management specialist from Jonesboro, Ark., were named vice presidents along with Alan Kemper, Lafayette, Ind., and Rob Joslin from Sidney, Ohio.

Board members also elected John Hoffman, a soybean producer from Waterloo, Iowa, to serve as first vice president, a position that places Hoffman in line to be ASA president for 2007-08. The elections took place during the ASA's summer board of directors' meeting in Washington.

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