Arkansas researcher receives cotton award

JAMES MCD. (MAC) STEWART, a researcher at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, has been named the recipient of the 2002 Outstanding Research Award in Cotton Physiology.

Stewart received $5,000 at the 2003 Beltwide Cotton Physiology Conference.

The Micro-Flo Co. sponsors the award, presented by the Physiology Conference to an individual or team that has significantly improved the knowledge of the physiology of cotton growth and development.

Stewart, who holds the Ben J. Altheimer Chair for Cotton Research & Development at the university, is noted for his research on fiber initiation, his contributions in ovule and embryo culture and his publications on cotton biotechnology.

He co-edited The Cotton Foundation's first reference book, Cotton Physiology, and wrote a major review of cotton biotechnology for the international audience. He's recognized for the contributions his numerous plant explorations have made to cotton germplasm including seven new species, and his strategies for enhancement of exotic germplasm.

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