‘Arkansas Grown’ logo guarantees local produce

Food shoppers eager to support Arkansas growers have a sure sign to spot local produce — the Arkansas Grown logo.

Developed by the Arkansas Agriculture Department in partnership with the Arkansas Farmers’ Market Association, Arkansas Grown is an assurance that the produce or product ingredients bearing the “Arkansas Grown” logo have been raised in Arkansas.

“Showing the logo will remove the guesswork for shoppers who support local producers,” said Tim Ellison, spokesman for the state’s Agriculture Department. “Shoppers can feel sure that any product carrying the logo, whether it’s cheese, potatoes, ribeyes or beeswax lip balm, has been authenticated by Arkansas Agriculture Department personnel.”

Shoppers will be able to find the logo at farmers’ markets, grocery stories and major chains such as Wal-Mart, which is participating in Arkansas Grown as part of its locally grown initiative.

“This will be a tremendous boost for vendors who support community agriculture by selling locally grown produce and offering products made with Arkansas-grown ingredients,” said Ron Rainey, an Extension agricultural economics specialist with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.

To learn more about Arkansas’ farmers’ markets, visit www.naturallyarkansas.org, www.uaex.edu, or www.aragriculture.org/horticulture/business/resource_guide/Marketing_Strategies.pdf.

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