Area farmers place in national corn production contest

The National Corn Growers Association's 40th National Corn Yield Contest once again showcased corn growers' tremendous production capabilities, as all 27 of the national winners topped at least 232 bushels per acre.

“Our 40th National Corn Yield Contest was another success, just as it has been every year since 1965. NCGA growers continue to outdo themselves every year,” said NCGA President Gerald Tumbleson. “This contest gives growers a chance to test some management practices they have learned over the years while maintaining costs and efficiency, and we encourage them to test techniques that could make a difference in yields for the future.”

The 27 winners were among the 2,997 total entries from 47 states. Twelve states were represented among the 27 winners. Though the NCYC does not recognize an overall winner, the winning yields ranged from 351.6881 bushels per acre by Steve Albracht of Hart, Texas, to 232.4453 by Brenda Tanner of Union City, Tenn. This year, 11 contestants — including all three winners in the AA non-irrigated and irrigated classes — recorded yields of more than 300 bushels. The average bushels per acre among the 27 winners was 288.

“This year's contest had a precedent:

Kip Cullers of Purdy, Mo., became the first twin-row entrant to place in a category (17 growers entered twin-row fields this year). Tumbleson said the NCYC is also an opportunity for farmers to match up their production skills with farmers from their states and across the nation.

“We were excited to see growers try innovative methods,” Tumbleson said. “Our growers are becoming increasingly efficient and adaptable.”

All winners will be recognized at the 2006 Commodity Classic, the combined convention and trade show of NCGA and the American Soybean Association, March 2-4 in Anaheim, Calif.

The following lists are local national winners divided by respective classes:


Bobby Woodall, Decherd, Tenn.,280.1571 Yield Per Bushels


Don Carpenter, Dimmitt, Texas, 311.7813 Yield Per Acre; Donny Carpenter, Dimmitt, Texas, 296.2879 Yield Per Acre


Brenda Tanner, Union City, Tenn.,232.4453 Yield Per Acre


Gary Neal Porter, Mercer, Mo., 276.3603 Yield Per Acre; Cox Farms, Delta, Mo., 267.1678 Yield Per Acre; Lori Porter, Mercer, Mo., 259.7385 Yield Per Acre


Steve Albracht, Hart, Texas, 351.6881 Yield Per Acre; Kip Cullers, Purdy, Mo., 345.9452 Yield Per Acre

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