Amvac, DuPont to offer Impact in TruChoice Opportunity Program

Amvac Chemical Corporation and DuPont Crop Protection will work together to offer Impact 2.8SC, Amvac's newly launched corn herbicide, in the TruChoice Opportunity Program.

Purchases of Impact corn herbicide will qualify for the TruChoice Opportunity Program offered through Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., a DuPont subsidiary.

The TruChoice Opportunity Program is a financing program for growers purchasing DuPont-approved crop protection products and Pioneer-brand seed products. Under the agreement, corn growers and seed corn growers who purchase Impact herbicide between Nov. 1, 2006, and Oct. 31, 2007, will qualify for program financing.

Impact herbicide, introduced in 2006, offers broad-spectrum control of key broadleaf weeds in corn, plus bonus GrassAssist control of important grasses. The low-use-rate systemic herbicide also offers excellent crop safety on all types of corn.

In addition to field corn, it is labeled for use on sensitive corn types, including seed corn, sweet corn and popcorn.

Impact herbicide is the only post-emergence corn herbicide with the HPPD mode of activity to be included in the TruChoice Opportunity Program.

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