AgTechnology Field Day July 28

To borrow a catch phrase from Ed Sullivan, the famous television variety show host of the ’50s and ’60s, the 2005 AgTechnology Field Day at Agricenter International, July 28, will be “a really big shew.”

Twelve leading agricultural companies will demonstrate their latest technology in cotton, corn, soybeans and rice. Tours run from 7 a.m. to noon, with a catfish and chicken lunch served from noon to 1 p.m. Tour stops feature new varieties, official variety trials, rice herbicides, horseweed, fungicides, adjuvants and equipment.

Tours will be followed by a speaker session at 12:30 p.m. and concluding at 1:30 p.m.

Alan Blaine, Extension agronomist and soybean specialist, Mississippi State University, will provide an update on Asian soybean rust.

Gary Adams, vice president of economic and policy analysis, National Cotton Council, will discuss the impacts of farm and trade policies on the U.S. cotton industry.

Analyst Carroll Brunthaver, Sparks Refco, will provide a crop marketing update.

According to Bob Montgomery, market development specialist for Monsanto, his Agricenter plots feature post-only applications of Roundup on Roundup Ready Flex cotton as well as the use of residual herbicides in the Roundup Ready Flex system. “We are demonstrating some systems growers can evaluate and compare to what they want to do.”

For more information on the field day, contact Jamie Jenkins, director of research, at [email protected] or 901-757-7754.

The Agricenter is located in east Memphis on the corner of Walnut Grove Rd. and Germantown Parkway. It is easily accessible from I-240 and I-40.

From I-240, take Exit 13 (Walnut Grove Rd.) and travel east 4 miles. Entrance is to the right. From I-40, take Exit 16A (Germantown Parkway) and travel south 5 miles. Turn right on Timber Creek Drive and follow the signs to Agricenter International.

There are over 2,500 hotel rooms and numerous restaurants within 7 miles of Agricenter and the Memphis International Airport is just 17 miles away.

Participants for 2005 are BASF, Bayer, Deere, Dow, DPL, DuPont, Helena, Monsanto, UAP, Stoneville, Syngenta, Valent and the University of Tennessee.

Here are summaries of 13 tour stops

Stop 1. Monsanto

Monsanto’s field day stop will feature the new Roundup Ready Flex cotton technology. This product will allow farmers to make season-long, over-the-top applications of Roundup agricultural herbicides for more thorough and efficient weed control in cotton. Several weed control systems for this product are demonstrated at this location. Bollgard and Bollgard II cotton insect control technologies are contrasted in side-by-side plots.

The latest DeKalb and Asgrow 110- to 120-day relative maturity Roundup Ready and YieldGard corn hybrids are featured as well as high-performing soybean varieties. Monsanto technical, business and sales representatives will be available to address questions on these and other products.

Stop 2. BASF

Plots include residual herbicides and fungicides for soybeans. Prowl H2O and Clarity in cotton. Pentia PGR and foliar fertilizer in cotton. Headline foliar fungicide treatments for corn. Guardsman Max, Lightning, Celebrity Plus for corn. Regent insecticide with starter fertilizer in corn. Headline SBR timing in soybeans for late diseases. Soybean varietal response to Headline SBR treatments.

Competitive Asian soybean rust programs in soybeans. Newpath-Clearpath red rice systems in CL161 and CL131 . Newpath-Clearpath red rice systems in XL8 and XP730. Pristine fungicide disease control for watermelons. Cabreo and Endura fungicide programs for tomatoes. Headline fungicide evaluations in southern peas. Herbicide crop-weed response training.

Stop 3. Stoneville Pedigreed Seeds

Monsanto will highlight its Stoneville brand cotton varieties. The company will showcase varieties containing new Roundup Ready Flex technology expected to be available for planting in 2006. New early-, medium- and full-maturity varieties containing Roundup Ready Flex alone or stacked with Bollgard II will be available for observations. Additionally, Roundup Ready lines stacked with Bollgard and/or Bollgard II will be available for observations.

Stop 4. Bayer CropScience

Cotton products include FiberMax cotton varieties for the Mid-South, new products for early-season insect and nematode control, Ignite herbicide and the LibertyLink cotton system, Reign SC, a new PGR for cotton and a harvest aid preview.

A corn plot will demonstrate weed control in LibertyLink corn. Soybean plot will demonstrate fungicides for disease control.

Stop 5. Syngenta Crop Protection

Lexar, new pre-emerge and postemerge broad spectrum weed control in corn.

Soybean plots include Cruiser Maxx seed treatment fungicide and insecticide protection with vigor effect, Touchdown Total, broad-spectrum postemergence weed control and Karate and Quilt, foliar insect and disease protection.

Cotton plots are Avicta Complete Pak seed treatment nematicide, insecticide and fungicide; Sequence, Envoke and Suprend herbicide weed control program; and Centric and Karate for foliar insect control

Stop 6. John Deere

Demonstrations on 15-inch cotton production systems, Opti-Gro imagery for cotton management and application techniques for soybean rust control.

Stop 7. DuPont Crop Protection

DuPont will showcase weed, insect and disease products for cotton, corn and soybeans. These will include the full line of cotton products from early-season weed control to harvest aids. Pioneer soybeans will include DuPont weed control systems and fungicides for disease control. Pioneer Roundup Ready corn will be showcased with a new residual corn herbicide from DuPont.

Stop 8. Dow AgroSciences

New PhytoGen varieties feature WideStrike, a new, stacked insect-protection trait that protects cotton plants from a broad spectrum of destructive cotton worm pests throughout the season.

Other new elite PhytoGen varieties include the Roundup Ready and Roundup Ready Flex technologies, both alone and stacked with WideStrike.

Stop 9. United Agri Products

UAP Distribution will be showcasing its premier Dyna-Gro brands of traited corn and soybeans. This includes a sneak preview of its Dyna-Gro Roundup Ready Flex/Bollgard II cotton varieties being launched for sale in 2006. Loveland Products Inc. will demonstrate innovative solutions to plant nutrition and crop protection solutions.

Stop 10. Valent USA

Horseweed and winter weed management with Valor; Domark 230 ME fungicide for Asian rust; Valor herbicide for cotton layby and soybean weed control; new findings and experiences with Regiment herbicide in rice.

Stop 11. Official Variety Trials—UT

The purpose of the University of Tennessee cotton variety testing program is to provide an unbiased evaluation of new varieties for Tennessee commercial production. Official variety trials are planted in five locations in Tennessee; Agricenter International, Ames Plantation, Fullen Farms, the Milan Experiment Station and the West Tennessee Research and Education Center.

Results are intended to help cotton producers identify high-yielding, high-fiber-quality varieties that are well-adapted to Tennessee. The 2005 University of Tennessee cotton variety trials are split into two separate tests. The Official Variety Trial (OVT) evaluates commercial cultivars currently for sale in Tennessee, while the Roundup Ready Flex OVT evaluates new germplasm containing the Roundup Ready Flex gene. The 2005 OVT has 27 entries and three checks. The Roundup Ready Flex OVT has 30 entries and 10 checks.

Stop 12. Delta and Pine Land Co.

The Delta and Pine Land Company stop will feature its full lineup of cotton and soybeans planned for sale in 2006.

The cotton stop will feature Roundup, stacked gene, Bollgard II/Roundup, Flex Roundup, and Bollgard II/Flex Roundup varieties being tested in 2005 by DPL for potential sale in 2006. Tour participants can learn about these varieties, their maturity, and how they may fit into their cotton program for next year.

The soybean stop will feature Group 3, Group 4, and Group 5 Roundup Ready varieties being tested for 2005 by Delta and Pine Land Company for potential sale in 2006. Both Roundup and STS/Roundup technology soybeans will be featured at the stop.

Stop 13. Helena Chemical Company

Adjuvant demonstration at tent outside lab. Field stop will highlight enhanced production practices for optimum quality and yield in corn, cotton, and soybeans.

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