AGSouth Genetics releasing Group VIII RR soybean

AGSouth Genetics will enter the Southern soybean market with the release of Prichard RR, a Group VIII Roundup Ready soybean variety.

“Growers have been planting Group VII Roundup Ready varieties when they actually wanted a Group VIII. Up until now there's not been a Group VIII with the performance characteristics they required. Prichard RR will give these growers what they are looking for,” general manager of AGSouth Genetics Darrel Grabow said.

Prichard RR is a high-yielding variety with resistance to races 3, 9 and 14 cyst nematode. Prichard RR is resistant to Southern root-knot nematode and stem canker.

For information call Mixon Seed Company at 800-922-1377 or Darrel Grabow, toll free at 888-525-7333.

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