Legalities of drone use in U.S. - June 30 webinar

June 30 webinar to discuss legal status of UAVs in agriculture Webinar runs from Noon-1 p.m. EDT/11 a.m.-Noon CDT

While having a remotely controlled eye in the sky has proven useful for the police and military and by private citizens for entertainment, developing regulations for use of these unmanned aerial systems in commercial settings has difficult at best.

On June 30, the National Agricultural Law Center will host a webinar: “Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture: Preparing for Legal Issues.”

The webinar “will address the current legal and future status of unmanned aerial systems and vehicles — commonly known as drones,” said Rusty Rumley, senior staff attorney for the law center. “Many in the industry see agricultural use of UAVs to have enormous potential; a potential that’s already a reality overseas.

“We’ll be discussing the current rules for UAV operation, as well as proposed regulations for small commercial UAVs that the Federal Aviation Administration released in February,” he said. “We’ll also examine several state laws meant to deal with concerns over privacy, nuisance and trespass.”

Rumley added, “we will also look at specific examples of how these statutes have tied in with what is commonly known as ‘ag gag’ statutes that aim to prevent surveillance of private farm operations, and with instances where UAVs may be used to interfere with hunting and fishing.”

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The webinar speakers are:

• Peggy Kirk Hall, Ohio State University Agricultural Law and Taxation Program. She is an assistant professor and field specialist in agricultural and resource law.

• Rusty Rumley, National Agricultural Law Center. Rumley serves as a senior staff attorney at the National Agricultural Law Center.

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