Agribusiness: T-L’s Pivot Manager

T-L Irrigation Co., manufacturer of hydrostatically driven pivot irrigation systems, has introduced the TLC Pivot Manager continuous irrigation management system — the next generation of its TLC electronic pivot management controls.

The advancement in pivot system control tracks the system’s total, program, and step run times. Additionally, it can control the end gun and two auxiliary outputs according to the system’s degree location in the field.

There is more. A TLC Pivot Manager control can provide real-time readings for water pressure, hydraulic pressure, and water flow measurements. You can set a weekly watering schedule and have continuous monitoring of actual speed versus speed you set.

For ease of use, TLC Pivot Manager has a two-line back-lit display, individual keys for each function, and no hidden menus, and the operation is password protected.

Contact T-L Irrigation Co. about the Pivot Manager continuous irrigation management system at the following addresses: Web site; e-mail [email protected]; phone 800-330-4264; or mail at Box 1047 Hastings, Neb. 68902-1047

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