Agribusiness: Stoneville introductory replant protection program

Monsanto is announcing an introductory replant protection program called the Stoneville Quick Start Advantage. Monsanto will provide growers with 100 percent seed replant assistance when they replant cotton acres to a Stoneville cottonseed variety, regardless of the initial brand or variety planted.

The program will be offered to cotton producers in the Mid-South and Southeast United States. Stoneville is also developing a replant protection program for Texas cotton producers that will be announced at a later date.

When replanting, growers estimate that they typically experience a 16 percent yield loss on replanted cotton acres. Stoneville varieties, however, require less replanting than competitive brands, according to Kyle Maple, U.S. cotton marketing manager for Monsanto.

“Stoneville has a proven record of delivering strong emergence and early seedling vigor,” Maple said. “This year, we have an excellent supply of Stoneville products in a wide range of maturities. By selecting the right germplasm for the right acres, cotton producers can be confident they can start strong and finish strong with Stoneville products.”

Although other cottonseed companies offer replant assistance, the Stoneville Quick Start Advantage is believed to be the only program of its kind that provides 100 percent replant assistance regardless of the initial cotton brand planted. That is, no matter what cotton brand a grower planted, even a competitor’s product, Monsanto will provide free Stoneville cottonseed, for the same growing season, if the grower needs to replant.

States included in the introductory program include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Stoneville has long been recognized for high-yielding cotton, and in recent years the brand has also embarked on an aggressive breeding program to significantly enhance fiber quality. Stoneville will feature an enhanced product lineup for 2006, including new varieties stacked with both Bollgard II, offering broad-spectrum worm control, and Roundup Ready Flex cotton technology, providing a wider application window for effective weed control.

For offer conditions and other information about participating in the replant protection program, growers can contact their Monsanto sales representatives. Additional information about Stoneville industry-leading products is available at

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