Agribusiness: Folicur fungicide granted Section 18 for Asian soybean rust

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – EPA has granted a Section 18 quarantine exemption for Folicur fungicide to control Asian soybean rust on soybeans in Minnesota and South Dakota This Section 18 will become activated upon confirmation of disease presence within the United States.

Folicr is a foliar-applied fungicide that offers preventive and curative protection against Asian soybean rust. Folicur controls disease by preventing the production of components the fungus needs to stabilize cell membranes.

Asian soybean rust, caused by the pathogen Phakopsora pachyrhizi, has devastated soybean crops throughout the world, most recently in Brazil and Argentina. Plant pathologists agree it's only a matter of time until Asian soybean rust reaches North America.

Left untreated, Asian soybean rust quickly defoliates soybean plants. In some parts of the world, growers have seen yield losses of up to 80 percent when soybean acres are infected with Asian soybean rust and not protected.

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