Agribusiness: EPA registers new Layby herbicide for cotton

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – DuPont announced it has received EPA registration for its new Layby Pro herbicide for postemergence use in cotton. The action provides cotton growers with a new product for mid-to-late season grass and broadleaf weed control.

“Layby Pro provides hotter burndown, excellent residual, rotation flexibility and crop safety compared to many other new herbicide options,” said Michael Cunnane, DuPont product manager. “Layby Pro will fit nicely into current weed management programs and timings.

“Layby Pro will control key weeds such as pigweed, morningglory, cocklebur, sicklepod, hemp sesbania, smartweed, barnyardgrass, signalgrass, crabgrass, foxtail, ryegrass and Texas panicum.

Cunnane said many growers have more weeds in their cotton fields since Glyphosate-tolerant seed technology has been adopted. The problem is promoting more rapid weed shifts and new seed reserves in the soil.

“Those weeds that go to seed cause more problems the following year,” Cunnane said. “An economical application of Layby Pro post-directed or at layby can keep key weeds and grasses from producing viable seeds.”

Layby Pro is specifically formulated for cotton layby applications, as the name indicates, but it also has a fit for special post-directed early-season uses, too.

“Growers like to know their postemergence spray has taken care of emerged weeds, and Layby Pro gives fast, complete burndown of emerged weeds,” Cunnane said. “What makes it a great product is that it provides residual grass and broadleaf control without locking a grower into cotton the following season.”

Producers can visit for more information and complete details about using Layby Pro, Cunnane said.

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