Agribusiness: DuPont Stout herbicide in corn

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved the registration of new DuPont Stout herbicide for postemergence grass and broadleaf weed control in corn.

The new product gives growers a new cost-effective choice for consistent control of many grasses and key broadleaf weeds.

“Stout provides broad-spectrum contact control of many grasses, including woolly cupgrass, Italian ryegrass, yellow foxtail, field sandbur plus velvetleaf and lambsquarters at an affordable cost,” said Jim Flater, product manager for DuPont Crop Protection. “Corn growers can achieve the weed control they need with much more flexibility in rates, tank-mix partners, application window and bottom line costs.”

Growers can target specific weed problems by tank-mixing Stout with many herbicides registered for use on corn, including atrazine, dicamba, Distinct, Callisto, or DuPont Cinch herbicide. Applications must include either a crop oil concentrate or a non-ionic surfactant, and an ammonium nitrogen fertilizer also must be used unless prohibited by tank-mix partner labeling.

“With rising fuel costs, corn growers need to get the best possible return on their input investments this spring,” Flater said. “That’s why we are excited to introduce Stout herbicide, which will give them cost-effective control of many grasses and key broadleaf weed problems.”

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