Agribusiness: Beyond receives 24(c) registrations for Clearfield rice

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Clearfield rice growers have a new option this season for controlling red rice in rice.

Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana have granted a 24(c) local needs registration for use of Beyond herbicide as part of the Clearfield Production System for rice. Beyond is registered for use with the variety, CL 161, and the CLEARFIELD XL8 hybrid.

Beyond received this special registration to allow growers a third application option for the treatment of red rice escapes. There are a few factors, such as poor water management, that can cause red rice escapes in Clearfield rice fields. BASF technical service representative Alvin Rhodes said that in some areas with heavy infestation, even if a grower controls 99 percent of red rice with Newpath herbicide, a substantial amount of red rice remains.

“Newpath does an excellent job, and in most cases, we won’t need to use Beyond,” Rhodes said. “However, Beyond will help a lot in areas like southern Louisiana, where red rice is extremely intense.”

Beyond herbicide, which contains the active ingredient imazamox, can be applied only after two applications of Newpath herbicide, which has the active ingredient imazethapyr.

Because red rice escapes may not be seen above the rice until after the application time has passed, Rhodes said the grower or a scout should monitor the Clearfield rice field closely. Rhodes suggests walking the fields to check for escapes to keep from missing the application opportunity.

“Beyond can only be applied to CL 161 and Clearfield XL8 from tillering to panicle initiation,” Rhodes said. “That is why it is so important to monitor the field.”

Beyond is also registered for use with the Clearfield Production Systems for wheat, sunflower and canola.

For more information about the Clearfield Production System for rice and our entire rice portfolio, visit the BASF Web site at

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