Agribusiness: Advan, new plant health company

Advan, a new plant health company to serve the United States and Mexico, is being formed by Mitsui and Co. of Japan and the Sipcam-Oxon Groups of Italy and will be owned 50:50 by the two respective U.S. subsidiaries.

“Advan, LLC, is a new plant-health company that will service three key markets: the turf/ornamental market, the specialty agriculture market and the home-and-garden market,” said Lynn Brookhouser, Advan president and CEO. “I’m excited about this because of the opportunity it represents for our customers, suppliers, owners and employees.

“The Sipcam group was formed some 59 years ago by two families,” said Brookhouser. “The group remained privately held with global sales of about $400 million annually. The Sipcam group is a basic producer, developer, marketer and distributor of agricultural chemicals and intermediates world-wide.

“Matsui and Company is one of Japan’s largest trading companies with agricultural sales of over $450 million through its worldwide subsidiaries.”

Advan began operations Aug. 1 and will be headquartered in Roswell, Ga., with operations handled out of Columbia, Md. The company is expected to generate sales of more than $40 million in 2006 from a product line enriched by new marketing agreements with Certis USA, Sipcam Agro USA, and Mitsui Chemical Inc.

Mitsui is granting development and marketing rights to Advan for a product previously sold only outside the United States. Upon registration, Trebon, a broad spectrum insecticide (etofenprox), will be sold by Advan into the turf, ornamentals, greenhouse and specialty agriculture markets. Mitsui will also grant development and marketing rights for other new pesticides to Advan in the near future.

Certis USA — a subsidiary of Mitsui Agriscience International Inc. (MASI) — will transfer to Advan marketing rights for its U.S. and Mexico products, including insecticides, fungicides and Basamid soil fumigant.

Additionally, Advan will have exclusive marketing and sales rights to Certis USA’s and MASI’s future agricultural, turf and ornamentals, and home and garden plant health products in the United States and Mexico.

Sipcam provides Advan exclusive marketing and sales rights to current and future agricultural products sold in California, Arizona and Mexico and to turf and ornamentals and home and garden products sold in the United States and Mexico. In addition, Advan has exclusive U.S. marketing rights to Echo 82.5 WDG, a new chlorothalonil formulation for use on specialty agricultural crops.

For information about Advan and its product line, go to or contact Advan customer service at 800-250-5024.

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