Ag research on display at FB convention

University and other researchers have been invited to attend and exhibit their work at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 89th annual convention, Jan. 13-16, 2008, in New Orleans, La.

Exploring new ways to help America’s farmers and ranchers become more productive and efficient, developing untapped markets for agricultural products and increasing understanding of farm policy issues are among the research topics Farm Bureau members can learn about at the convention.

Through AFBF’s “Meet the Researchers” initiative, members are encouraged to support U.S. universities with a commitment to agricultural progress through research. According to AFBF President Bob Stallman, the annual convention is an ideal time for researchers to showcase innovative projects developed to benefit farmers’ and ranchers’ bottom lines.

“Although America’s farmers and ranchers are some of the most efficient food and fiber producers in the world, they continue to face many challenges, including rising input costs for fertilizer and fuel. Sustained support for agricultural research that helps farm and ranch families overcome these challenges remains vitally important,” said Stallman.

Researchers who have been invited to display their work in at the AFBF annual convention in New Orleans include:

• Rick Cartwright, University of Arkansas, Practical Management of Crop Pests In the Southern U.S.

• Lucas Garcia, Sam Houston State University, Hay Management Techniques to Reduce Waste and Improve Pest Control.

• Roger Hanagriff, Sam Houston State University, Texas Winegrape Production.

• Rebecca Cleary, University of Connecticut, Wal-Mart’s Effect On Supermarket Milk Prices.

• E. Ronald Miller, The Ohio State University, Value-Added Opportunities With Sassafras.

• Don Ethridge, Texas Tech University, Foreign Crop Subsidies and Tariffs.

• Mark Vandever, U.S. Geological Survey and USDA-Farm Service Agency, Program and Land Management Practices in the Conservation Reserve Program.

• Jeff Fisher, The Ohio State University, Fair Pasture Rental Leases.

• Douglas Kingman, Sam Houston State University, Biodiesel Power Output Measurement.

• Daniel Collins, Southern University, Biosecurity Training to Protect Economically Important Plants From Exotic Pathogens and Agroterrorism.

• Nada Nadarajah, Auburn University, Meat Goat Production and Herd Management Software.

• Fred Hitzhusen, The Ohio State University, Analysis of Biomass Resources (crop/forest residues, animal waste and solid municipal waste) for Energy Production.

• Patrick Schnable and Sarah Hargreaves, Iowa State University, Genetically Engineered Crops That Store Carbon in the Soil.

• Christopher Clark, Louisiana State University AgCenter, Southern Sweet Potato Integrated Pest Management Project.

• Yadong Qi, Southern University and A&M College, Market Potential of Roselle (hibiscus sabdariffa) as a Cash Crop in Warmer U.S. Climates.

• Albert Kagan, Arizona State University, Overall Economic Impact of Fruit and Vegetable Commodities to the U.S. Agricultural Sector.

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